City: Belfast, South London
Country: Northern Ireland, UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Diy, Pop, Alternative
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piglet is the solo project of Irish songwriter and producer Charlie Loane.

piglet music tends to be made alone at home and then played live with friends later. He released his first EP ‘alex’s birthday’ in February 2020 on South London DIY label Double Dare, a warm set of songs which, like his writing with past project Great Dad, reflects themes of queer/trans experience, but with more of a personal focus.

Two collaboration tracks with friends Porridge Radio were released in February 2021, titled 'Let’s Not Fight!' and 'Strong Enough'.

New single 'mill' was released in April with the accompanying text:

"The song mill is about how my understanding of my own transness/queerness has evolved and how much better I’ve felt since I realised that my gender and sexuality don’t have to be easily definable and unchanging. massive love and thanks to the people who helped me understand and love myself , to the trans people who came before us and created the spaces that we now occupy , and to every trans person who’s just getting up and doing it every day , youre gorgeous xxx" - Charlie

'dan's note' was released in September 2021 and 'oan' in January 2021 before a UK tour with friends Porridge Radio :)

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