Hector Gachan

City: Edinburgh
Country: Scotland, Australia, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Genre: Pop
Styles: Bedroom Pop


Hector Gachan is Bosnian/Australian artist currently based in Sydney. Growing up in both Sydney and Sarajevo, Hector reveals his journey as a young man in between two very different worlds. In 2017, Hector signed with french indie label Nice Guys and released his debut album 'Untitled '91' in the winter of that year. On his debut album, shades of psychedelia, pop, electronica and alternative rock are mixed together to back up his cryptic lyrics which entail his perspectives as a person in between east and west. Hector's sophomore album 'Agent Of Change' is due to be released later this year.

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You'll Find Me, Beija Flor (with Butter Bath)


1. You'll Find Me, Beija Flor

You'll Find Me, Beija Flor (with Butter Bath) Single

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Label: Nice Guys
Release Date: September 07, 2021