Feral Family

Feral Family

City: Yorkshire
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Uk Post-Punk Revival, Alternative Rock, Post-Punk
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EP Playtest on May 12, 2023

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Arriving as a fiery follow-up to playful, Spaghetti Western-inspired single “Wee Van Bee”, “Spice King” is an equally cinematic cut that thunders and wails like an interplanetary apocalypse. 

Inspired by Frank Herbert’s visionary science-fiction saga ‘Dune’, the track is as vital and mind-bending as the novel’s own precious currency with Feral Family’s rambunctious sounds elevating listeners to an altered state.

Hailing from a remote East Coast town overlooking the North Sea, it was perhaps inevitable that the band were drawn to the bleak landscapes of Herbert’s imagined worlds and to dreams far beyond. As guitarist Oscar explains:

“After listening religiously to the Dune soundtrack, I started playing around with different loops and synth samples. I loved the chaos the soundtrack brought — it transported me right into the harsh, desolate environment of Arrakis. I wanted to create something dark and heavy, that lets the chaos consume you in the chorus.” 

An epic adventure destined for the furthest reaches of the imagination, vocalist Jamie adds:

“It’s a story of powerhunger — how a group can take an innocent life and mould it into an obedient being through deviancy, manipulation and by hooking someone up with a potent substance. They become another chess piece on your board, a play toy for your pleasure that you can discard at your will and with no consequence.” 

Produced, mixed and mastered by Liam Radburn at Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton, the new track is taken from Feral Family’s debut EP ‘PLAYTEST’. Set for release on 12 May, the EP will be available digitally and on a limited run of 10” vinyl. 

A dark, brooding collection of songs that melds the gothic with the euphoric and is destined to haunt the imagination, full tracklisting is as follows: 


1. Fractured

2. Wee Van Bee

3. Cairo

4. Spice King

5. Smother


As their name suggests, Feral Family are hungry and relentless: it’s in their DNA. Quietly simmering away in the seaside town of Bridlington on the East Coast of Yorkshire, their music has been hailed as “a perfect blend of haunting vocals mixed with an in-your-face sound akin to Foals” by BBC Introducing. 

Previous singles “Wee Van Bee” and “Fractured” have charted at #3 and #1 respectively in the iTunes Rock Chart, and the band have gained airplay on the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Total Rock and more. 

Bottling the lightning of their mesmeric live performance in the studio, Feral Family are wildly independent and utterly driven with a raison d’être to become known as the UK’s most crucial live band. 

Touring their latest material at a string of live shows this Spring, catch the band performing in Sheffield and Hull, with more dates to be confirmed soon.

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