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Fake Turins

The Inheritance of Fake Turins

by Giovanna - May 04, 2023 of the most intriguing groups in contemporary musicWax Music

EssentialHard of Hearing 

Delirious disco with a plaintive, deeply English feel” Clash

lyrically subversive yet audibly untouchableSo Young Magazine if LCD-Soundsystem were swallowed by a fragmented time-vortex…then reformulated in a parallel universe of boogie-centric reckoning.DIY

All good things must come to an end. The audio-visual collective Fake Turins, born in the North-East London’s Warehouse scene in 2018, announced that they will cease to exist after a final show at London’s Village Underground on 8th June. Ahead of the release of the group’s farewell EP ‘Inheritance’ on 9th May, we have talked with vocalist and frontman Dominic Rose about the past and the future.

The Inheritance of Fake Turins