City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Post-Punk, Art Rock
on since January 18, 2022

On January 18th, London art rock quartet Bollards will release their debut single ‘Plate Up’, a voyage into mesmerising bass grooves, unabashed funk guitar, thick synth lines and rigid drum structures, forging an alternative-disco flair. ‘Plate Up’ spearheads the band’s debut EP, a 3 track effort entitled 'Harbour Dance’, that arrives on January 28th. Taking influence from the vibrant noise and experimental spirit of acts such as Deerhoof, the constantly changing musical identities of Wire or The Fall and the jerky riffs and earworm hooks of XTC - Bollards was born.

Hailing from London’s creative underbelly, Bollards started as the bedroom recording project of songwriter and vocalist Jonny Dickens, who moonlights as the guitarist for North London outfit Fake Turins. Once Bollards was truly formed live, the four-piece decamped to a rural studio in Farnham called City Muscle Recordings to record with producer James Traylen.

Source [Spotify]


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