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Amateur Ornithologist

Amateur Ornithologist

City: South Shields
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Bedroom Pop, Art Pop, Art Rock, New Wave, Alternative Pop
on since May 06, 2022
I Told A Lie Single


1. I Told A Lie

Selected Reviews and Comments

I Told A Lie is a dreamy (sometimes nightmarish) track teaming lush four-part harmonies and pop sensibilities with an exploration of how mental health crises play out in everyday life.


The single is the second this year from Amateur Ornithologist, the musical alter ego of North East artist Daniel Clifford, who released Hermit Phase in May. Hermit Phase received airplay on Amazing Radio and a host of other stations, and was named Spark Sunderland's Bunker Song on the Week. The track garnered positive reviews for it's "great backing vocals and well placed harmonies" (Send Me Your Ears) and feel-good vibes; “You can’t help but smile from the very start" (NARC), "one that will keep those in search of serotonin coming back for more time and time again" (Music is to Blame).


I Told A Lie is built around chorus-drenched guitars that crawl like spiders over a circular bass riff and hypnotic drum groove, while the middle 8 features a haunted piano riff, backwards drums and sped-up spoken jeers that recreate the anxious inspiration for the song. Lyrically, the track deals with Trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling) and the pressure to mask that neurodivergent people encounter on a daily basis.


The single marks Amateur Ornithologist’s first collaboration with sound artist and electronic musician Madeleine Smyth, who contributes an anguished viola in the track's final sections. Red-hot North East producer Harbourmaster (District Attorney) is at the helm once again, but I Told A Lie sees him as equally at-home behind the drum kit.


I Told A Lie continues the 2022's poptastic journey through Amateur Ornithologist's off-kilter mindset. Next stop July, when Amateur Ornithologist returns with his third single of the year.


I Told A Lie is released digitally by Harbourmaster Recordings on Friday 17th June.


I Told A Lie

Label: Harbourmaster Records
Release Date: June 17, 2022

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