Amateur Ornithologist

City: South Shields
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Bedroom Pop, Art Pop, Art Rock, New Wave, Alternative Pop
on since May 06, 2022

Amateur Ornithologist is Tyneside pop culture obsessive Daniel Clifford. With a brain that stores snippets of old comics, adverts and TV, Daniel channels these into the weird pop music and visuals of Amateur Ornithologist.

Amateur Ornithologist has earned comparisons to Django Django, Field Music and Dent May due to melodic instrumentation, lush harmonies and nostalgic vibes.

Daniel is neurodivergent, which causes awkward social interactions. He aims to express himself articulately through music and create moments of understanding for people like him.

Indie label Harbourmaster Recordings plan Amateur Ornithologist releases throughout 2022, building on 2021’s debut album Birdwatching, which received support from BBC Introducing, NARC magazine and a host of blogs.

“You can’t help but smile from the very start… There’s a touch of The Monkees in it’s blissful rise and fall, warmth and ever-forwardness” - NARC on Hermit Phase

Source [Spotify]


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