Ruby Haunt

City: Los Angeles
Country: California, USA
Genre: Indie
Styles: Chillwave, Slowcore, Dream Pop, New Wave
on since July 15, 2021

Ruby Haunt is an American musical project conceived by Victor Pakpour and Wyatt Ininns sometime in 2015. Since then, the duo has self-released 7 albums and 5 Eps drawing on influences from darkwave, slowcore, and dreampop. Their newest album is an amalgamation of all the sounds and themes they have touched upon before with newfound freedom. In the past, Ruby Haunt albums have felt like a world of their own: each LP with its overarching sonic landscape. On their upcoming album, the songs themselves carve their own distinct voice held together by Ruby Haunt’s signature melancholy.

Source [Spotify]


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