City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Styles: House, Grime, Dancehall, Rap, Afrobeat
on hashbrandnew.com since November 05, 2021


rAHHH returns! "It is a bit of a letdown to discover that the producer rAHHH is based in London—if only because I'd always assumed he'd floated somewhere above the Earth's surface.” says Vice’s Noisey in 2017 as he released his debut EP via Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper label. Now, rAHHH showcases his signature uplifting left-field production on the exquisite new double single "Blinking/Aubades" off the upcoming 'Tetris People’ EP, the first in 4 years as well as first for LA label Friends of Friends. The UK producer has developed quite the reputation through just a handful of official releases, first coming on the scene with highly touted edits and remixes. rAHHH’s distinctive sound draws varying styles and is on full display here; blips and bloops, vocal manipulation, sun-drenched house rhythms, melodic guitar and autotune all collide throughout the 5 track offering. With previous attention from notables like Nike, BBC Radio 1, DJ Mag, Clash, Dummy Mag, Soulection, Enchufada, and the support of artists like Ryan Hemsworth and FOF label mate Lorenzo BITW, ‘Tetris People EP’ see’s rAHHH even more comfortable in the sound and vision that is distinctly his.

Source [Spotify]