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Max Cooper

Max Cooper

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Electronica, Microhouse, Minimal Techno, Modular Synth, Tech House
on since July 03, 2020

Max Cooper releases

Unspoken Words LP

Unspoken Words

release on March 25, 2022
via Mesh

Spectrum EP


release on March 21, 2022
via Mesh

Everything Single


release on January 18, 2022
via Mesh

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Live at the Acropolis LP

Live at the Acropolis

release on October 29, 2021
via Mesh

Yearning for the Infinite Remixed LP

Yearning for the Infinite Remixed

release on August 12, 2021
via Mesh

Maps Single


release on June 24, 2021
via Mesh

Leaving This Place Single

Leaving This Place

release on May 26, 2021
via Mesh

Spike Single


release on October 30, 2020
via Mesh

Reflect Single


release on September 04, 2020
via Mesh

Swarm EP


release on July 03, 2020
via Mesh

3D Reworks 001 Single

3D Reworks 001

release on May 14, 2020
via Mesh

Yearning for the Infinite LP

Yearning for the Infinite

release on November 07, 2019
via Mesh

Parting Ways Single

Parting Ways

release on September 26, 2019
via Mesh

Perpetual Motion Single

Perpetual Motion

release on August 01, 2019
via Mesh

One Hundred Billion Sparks Remixed LP

One Hundred Billion Sparks Remixed

release on March 21, 2019
via Mesh

One Hundred Billion Sparks LP

One Hundred Billion Sparks

release on September 20, 2018
via Mesh

Balance 030 (Un-Mixed Version) LP

Balance 030 (Un-Mixed Version)

release on May 04, 2018
via Balance Music

Emergence Remixed LP

Emergence Remixed

release on March 31, 2017
via Mesh

Emergence LP


release on November 25, 2016
via Mesh

Max Cooper - Traum Collection LP

Max Cooper - Traum Collection

release on December 19, 2014
via TRAUM Schallplatten

Kindred LP


release on May 09, 2014
via Human

Fragmented Self LP

Fragmented Self

release on May 10, 2013
via Human

Stochastisch Serie LP

Stochastisch Serie

release on October 31, 2009
via TRAUM Schallplatten

Harmonisch Serie LP

Harmonisch Serie

release on January 09, 2009
via TRAUM Schallplatten

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