City: South London
Country: UK
Genre: Experimental, Indie
Styles: Experimental Electronic, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock


mauv is the London based project of Midlands born Tom Kellett.

So far mauv has appeared on South London dance mogul Seb Wildblood’s 2019 album “sketches of transition”, with tracks such as “amelia" seeing praise from the likes of Tom Ravencroft, Mixmag and Elton John.

In the wake of “sketches of transition” mauv has become firmly affiliated with Wildbloods label, all my thoughts, appearing with a live set in amt’s 2020 virtual music festival.

Wildblood has teased various mauv exclusives in a series of mixes, featuring alternate versions of upcoming tracks in Wildbloods Radio 1 essential mix, and early album teasers on Radio 6 Music amongst tracks from other amt alumni such as Tom VR, Closet Yi and UI.

mauv is currently mixing his debut album which will be released on all my thoughts in 2021.

on HBN since September 29, 2021