City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland, UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Punk, Post-Punk


Excitable punk six-piece Kaputt came together from the membership of several different bands in Glasgow's D.I.Y. scene. The band brought a feverish and dancy energy to songs about rats, relationships, and societal desperation on their high-energy 2019 debut full-length, Carnage Hall.

Kaputt was formed in Glasgow in 2017. The lineup originally consisted of five players from a wide cross-sampling of the local D.I.Y. punk scene, including vocalist/saxophonist Chrissy Barnacle, drummer Rikki Will, bassist Tobias Carmichael, and vocalist/guitarists Cal Donnelly and Simone Wilson. All of the members of the new project had been or continued to be involved in at least one other band, forming a kind of supergroup from the city's tightly knit scene. The group quickly recorded a four-song demo, which they promptly released via Fuzzkill Records. The band played live often and brought in a sixth member, percussionist Emma Smith, for their full-length debut. Titled Carnage Hall, the album was released in 2019 by Upset the Rhythm. ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi

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