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City: Manchester
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Post-Punk, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Grungejazz
on since November 07, 2022

Selected Reviews and Comments

Already establishing themselves as one of the most breathtakingly turbulent bands currently emerging out of Manchester’s fertile alternative scene, psychedelic jazz-punks Maruja announce debut EP Knocknarea. The 4-track EP compiles acclaimed last three singles, ‘Thunder’, ‘Blind Spot’ and ‘The Tinker’ ’, with the addition of coruscating new cut ‘Kakistocracy’. Translated as “rule of the villains”, Kakistocracy captures all the enthralling intensity of Maruja’s raging, rebellious spirit. Loaded with a sense of encroaching doom and a fearsome cathartic release, evocative post-rock landscapes vie with blistering, punked-up hellfire, in this consummately captivating Maruja release.

The convergence of vocalist and guitarist Harry Wilkinson, drummer Jacob Hayes, bassist Matt Buonaccorsi and saxophonist Joe Carroll creates the intense, unflinching nuance of Maruja’s call. Championed by the likes of indie giants NME and So Young Magazine, the band have seen radio coverage from BBC Radio 6 whilst amassing over 1 million streams, despite self-releasing all their material. It is at their live shows, however, that the full brunt of their menace can be felt. Having already performed at the likes of Left of the Dial Rotterdam and Manchester Psych Fest, as well as supporting Opus KinkTalk ShowHoneyglazeThe Lounge Society, L.A. Witch and Enola Gay, Maruja are quickly rising to become a force to be reckoned with.

Now, off the back of 6 consecutive sold-out shows, the release of their Knocknarea EP represents the quartet’s most definitive body of work to date. Detailing the EP, the band explain:“'Knocknarea' is a jazz sprinkled, alternative rock EP which commands elements of EDM and Punk. Each song has been spawned from improvisation sessions and crafted to create a sound unlike another. Maruja demonstrates their diversity throughout this EP, taking the listener on a journey through a plethora of emotions.”

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