City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Rock
Styles: Post-Punk, Alternative



London band career are set to release their new EP Letting Out The Slack (February 5th 2021), having signed to Sheffield-based independent label Bingo Records (Mr Ben & the Bens, Potpourri, John Myrtle). A triumphant follow-up to 2019’s self-titled debut EP, Letting Out The Slack sees the band on form with more of their trademark tricky guitar interplay and groove-based rhythms with a frantic vocal delivery.

On the back of (pre-lockdown) gigs with Omni, Flat Worms and Corridor, career set about writing their latest collection - produced by drummer Jonny Coddington at Bottle Rocket Recordings - early this year. While ‘post-punk’ references abound, career are better than the plethora of bands around at the moment whose main schtick is that they sound a bit like a rubbish versions of The Fall. Calling to mind aspects of Gang of Four, Scars and other Fast Product groups, career’s music is smart, angular, doesn’t stay around too long and makes its point with precision.