City: Brooklyn
Country: USA
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Experimental Pop, Drone, Dream Pop, Alternative, Electronic, Noise Pop


Kristina Moore writes songs about the anti-place, a state of being understood by truckers, deckhands, flight attendants, and touring musicians. An in-between existence where home becomes blurry, and improvised routines provide temporary comfort.

In a previous life, Moore found structure in the unique contours of a ranching town in West Phoenix, where scorpions shared her home, and the streets belonged more to coyotes than vehicles or pedestrians. Her grandpa’s polka club was the center of the universe, it’s gravitational pull strong and comforting, a refuge where older Poles would come to sing and dance. Nights not at the club were spent gathered around an old karaoke machine. Piano lessons proved ill-fitting, but when Moore joined the choir in her local Catholic Church, she fell in love with the larger than life hymns.

Despite a youth steeped in music, it wasn’t until late highschool that her first band came together and in 2016, she adopted the koleżanka name, which roughly translates to colleague, or a friendly acquaintance, a tongue-in-cheek comment on the competitive and male-dominated music scene she was navigating, and a nod to the bond she felt with the other women coming up against these same obstacles. “We were a minority presence, instant colleagues'', she explains.

- Nik Soelter

on HBN since March 28, 2021