Jacques Greene

City: Montreal
Country: Canada
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Bass Music, Canadian Electronic, Electronica, Float House, Future Garage, Microhouse, Wonky
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Jacques Greene is an acclaimed Canadian DJ and electronic music producer known for his house tracks, which often incorporate R&B and U.K. garage influences. Through several well-received singles on labels like  and , particularly 2011's "Another Girl," Greene (along with artists like  and ) was instrumental in updating house for a post-millennial audience, merging the U.K.-born post-dubstep/future bass sound with contemporary R&B. Later in the decade, he released ambitious, eclectic full-lengths such as 2019's Dawn Chorus.

Born Philippe Aubin-Dionne, the Montreal-based producer began releasing tracks in 2010, producing a few tracks under the name Hovatron before settling on the Jacques Greene moniker.  released his single "(Baby I Don't Know) What You Want" in late 2010 and included the track on their scene-defining Night Slugs Allstars, Vol. 1 compilation. The buzz around Greene continued to grow as he released The Look and Another Girl on ; the latter EP's charming, -sampling title track became one of the biggest indie dance hits of 2011. Greene soon remixed songs by artists including , , and , appeared in ' "212" video, and continued his streak of successful singles. 2012 EP Concealer was the first release on , the label Greene co-founded with manager Joe Coghill. In 2013, Greene collaborated with  ("On Your Side") and a then-unsigned  ("Painted Faces"). EPs Phantom Vibrate and After Life After Party appeared on  in 2014, with single "You Can't Deny" arriving two years later. Greene's long-awaited full-length debut, Feel Infinite, appeared in 2017. Two vinyl EPs, Fever and Focus, were released in 2018, and combined digitally as Fever Focus. Greene's second album, Dawn Chorus, was issued in 2019, with guests including , , and . ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi

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