City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Genre: Indie, Rock
Styles: Pop, Alternative, Folk
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Coordinates place the group in Barcelona, but Heather's musical references come from the English-speaking world. This breadth of vision is channelled into a musical proposal that is difficult to fit into watertight musical genres. Heather's second LP, "Old Cry, I Walk", is a vibrant and expeditious work, a pleasant stroll through the margins of optimism, disappointment, heartbreak, and euphoria. With an unmistakable nineties feel, the album lays bare to interesting nuances thanks to the robust personality of the band. Led by Heather Cameron, the line-up is then completed by Andrea Salas on keyboards, Alex Sardà and Germán López on guitar, Sergi Vilà Bori on bass and Aitor Mohedano on drums.

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June 17, 2023 Igualada, Spain La Bastida del Rec