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Greta Isaac

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Pop
Styles: Indie Pop, Uk Pop
on HBN since November 10, 2021
NUH UH Single



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Having already provided two tasters of her forthcoming second EP, ‘5’1’ and ‘Polyfilla’, both exceedingly different songs sonically, Greta Isaac continues to outshine expectation with her wonky and jagged yet cohesive and boundary pushing new single ‘NUH UH’ - out 14th January via Made Records. Her new EP ‘I Think You’d Hate It Here’ will be released on 1st April.

‘NUH UH’ is yet another example of Greta’s melodic prowess. With a killer guitar and synth riff played in counterpoint with the chorus’ vocal melody, she weaves a dizzying atmosphere reminiscent of a drunken walk home after a night out. Keeping you on your toes, it harks back to the playfulness found on her debut EP ‘Pessimist’, whilst being even more brave in terms of its sonic choices. This defiantly care-free attitude was intrinsic to Greta’s approach when writing the new EP.

Greta said: “"I wrote NUH UH around the same time as Polyfilla and 5’1, although the tone and essence of this song could not be more different. NUH UH is manic, delusional, desperate and super charged to the point where I don’t really feel like it’s me who’s singing it when I listen to it. Sonically it feels like the moment you have a “spark” with someone - a spike in energy, your eyes blacken, your skin gets hot and sweaty. I see it in myself and people around me, it looks like we’re all turning into vampires, desperate for human connection and the feeling of being wanted by another person. It’s fascinating.”

The single will arrive with an equally surreal and flamboyant music video. Self directed by Greta, it continues her ongoing working relationship with stylist/creative director Suzie Walsh, and sees Greta showcase a variety of outlandish outfits. The accompanying press photos feature a dress designed by Gloria Jane Royer made entirely of emergency foil blankets.

Speaking of the visual counterparts to ‘NUH UH’, Greta said: “The artwork for me sort of mirrors the transformation that happens when that spark is ignited. Me and Suzie Walsh, my stylist and creative director, wanted to create an image that felt like a primal alluring shiny object, to entice someone or something. I’m wearing a dress made entirely of emergency foil blankets by designer Gloria Jane Royer. It reminded me of how a magpie forages for shiny objects that could feel quite mundane to us, but are captivating through the eyes of someone seeking it.” 

Greta has risen from strength to strength over the course of 2021. With support from Radio 1 which has blossomed into an ongoing championship of the “Future Artist”, she made an appearance at this year’s Big Weekend festival. The support has also been paralleled by tastemaker coverage from the likes of the Line of Best Fit, Wonderland, and Notion. Her electric amalgamation of pop, folk and alternative rock clearly turning heads.

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