City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Indie Rock, Electronica, Indie Pop
on since September 17, 2021


"As time wore on, we increasingly felt the need to make something that shook us out of the fog. Something rattly, loose and defiant that blew the cobwebs away. Music that we could imagine playing at a 2am festival slot.” “Having made ‘Take The Wheel’ together for Daithí’s most recent record, I sent him a song last summer by way of a ‘Howaya?’, really, but also for his banger sensibilities!” says Noonan. “We began trading ideas with the loose manifesto that whatever we were doing was not ‘Take The Wheel’, that we go the other way and make music to blow the cobwebs off, something that we could imagine playing at a 2am festival slot.” Daithí picks up the thread. “It doesn’t feel like one of us featuring on the other’s music – it’s greater than the sum of its parts,” he says. “I’ve always worked as a solo producer so forming a band has been a lovely experience. There’s magic in seeing one of your ideas being worked on from a different point of view, sending music to someone you trust and having it return as a brand new piece of art. The more you work together on an idea, the further it goes until eventually you can’t see the seams. It’s something completely unique.”