Emma-Jean Thackray

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Indie Jazz, Uk Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazz, Soul, Nu Jazz, Funk, Electronic
on hashbrandnew.com since April 27, 2021


Emma-Jean Thackray is a composer, producer, performer, DJ, and she can now also add ‘label boss’ to her already heavy-duty arsenal. Her latest EP release ‘Rain Dance’ has just dropped on her own label Movementt, which is based around a three-pronged mantra: move the body, move the mind and move the soul.  Whether producing solo, leading her band, working with the London Symphony Orchestra, DJing club sets or for her monthly residency on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM, Emma-Jean is something unique. With multiple co-signs from The Vinyl Factory, to Red Bull Music Academy, to Gilles Peterson and more, Emma-Jean Thackray is dubbed by many as ‘one of the UK’s most exciting artists’.

Source [Spotify]