El Choop

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Dance
Styles: Tech House
on hashbrandnew.com since March 17, 2023

Approaching house and techno with a dubbed out edge, El Choop’s unique sound takes DNA from timeless techno classics and enhances it with the refined disciplines of today. With a studio full of digital and analogue hardware, this hybrid sound consolidates old and new into something altogether different.

With a healthy back catalogue of vinyl releases on Echocord (Denmark), ETUI (Dresden) and Default Position (Berlin) El Choop - AKA Harvey Jones - has already made a solid contribution to the UK and Europe's techno landscape. Nor has this contribution gone unnoticed - a past residency at Corsica Studios and a regular slot at the legendary Freerotation Festival, combined with the support from artists such as Mike Schommer, Sven Wiesemann, Exos, Andrey Pushkarev, and Thor of Thule Records shows Jones is on a solid trajectory.

Source [Spotify]


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