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City: Leeds
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Garage Rock, Garage Punk, Post-Punk, Lo-Fi
on since February 17, 2021

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Leeds quintet Eades will release new single ‘Delusion Spree’ today as the title-track for their highly anticipated debut album, out digitally on March 4th and physically on May 6th via Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Brad Stank). They also announce a headline tour through the UK in April to support the release. 

Matching the five-piece’s typically scratchy guitars and feedback swirls with a lighter, wistful tone, and lilting groove, ‘Delusion Spree’ stands out in its emotional honesty. The track represents the fallout from the division of public and private self. On the one hand, it outwardly addresses bad habits – while on the other, it inwardly clings to the cliffside of coping mechanisms, as the lyric goes: “I hope my change in direction had shown that I’d meant it. Yeah, I wish I meant it” . 

It was also an important way-marker on the road towards the daunting task of writing, recording and mixing a debut album from scratch: 

“'Delusion Spree' was a very special song for the band when writing the album. Finishing the song felt like a turning point when we finally knew how we wanted the album to sound, and the direction we were headed in lyrically and sonically. It kind of opened the floodgates for the rest of the tunes! 

Thematically it summed up the disillusionment and confusion we all felt in our early twenties, trying to build a life for ourselves whilst the world around us seemed to be falling apart. Two years on I think we all feel quite differently towards the world and we’ve learnt to be a lot more positive as our hard work over the last couple years has started to pay off. Although at the time I think it’s safe to say we were all feeling pretty lost.” 

Gorging on the eclectic sprawl of the guitar-music cannon, and latching onto the traditions that get their blood pumping, the resulting maelstrom of sound crystallised on the debut record is at once effervescent, snarling and invigorating.   

Self-produced, and recorded live a la inspirations Parquet Courts, Pixies and Velvet Underground's early work, there is an energy alchemised by the confidence each individual member has in their craft. This is amplified by the psychic connection established by hours of practice, and the rough and tumble of auxiliary commitments as an indie-band in this day and age. 

Utilising this approach, Eades have made some impression in their short career so far. A hefty work ethic, a prodigious ear for a tune and a fully-leaded live approach has seen the fanbase grow and grow. 

The GuardianFADERNMEDIYBrooklyn Vegan and more have been swept up in the fizzing energy - and DJs at BBC 6 Music (Steve Lamacq)Radio 1 (Jack Saunders, Gemma Bradley) and KCRW (Travis Holocmbe) have championed on the air. 

Delusion Spree, the debut album from Eades is out digitally on March 4th and physically May 6th via Heist or Hit and was produced by Harry Jordan and Dan Clifford-Smith - the title-track is the latest preview, out now.

Eades are Harry Jordan (Vocals and Guitar)Tom O'Reilly (Lead Guitar, vocals)Sam Wilde (Bass)Dan Clifford-Smith (Drums) and Lily Fontaine (Synths, Percussion, Vocals)

Leeds quintet Eades reveal the video for latest single ‘Delusion Spree’ today. The highly anticipated debut album of the same name is out digitally on March 4th and physically on May 6th via Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Brad Stank)


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