City: Utrecht
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Pop
Styles: Indie Pop
on since November 09, 2020


Banji is a fresh as f*ck Netherlands-based foursome. Listening to their songs, you might envision them as the musical embodiment of dangling necklaces, loose fit dungarees, 8-bit arcade and ironic thrift shop finds. The quartet has created its own hybrid of pop, R&B, wobbly synth-driven electro funk, distorted vocals and in your face licks. Banji's look and feel in a few keywords? Playful, young at heart, colourful and rebellious. With debut single Listen - a joint production with Jeroen de Pessimier (The Subs, producer for Oscar & The Wolf), mixed by Mucky (Fresku, Sevdaliza) - the band birthed an anthem appealing to anyone with an ear for outspoken, catchy guitar melodies. The result of the above? A band that reaches audiences throughout many different genres. Support slots for Hobo Johnson, Balthazar and Vampire Weekend are the evidence of this diversity. Banji is ready to kick ass.

Utrecht 4-piece Banji release lackadaisical alt-pop groover ‘Dogbreath’ on April 15th via [PIAS] Recordings. Matching the easy-going flow of Easy Life or Alfie Templeman with the patchwork sampling of Superorganism or The Avalanches, ‘Dogbreath’ is the crash after the sugar high of debut single ‘Listen’. It’s a laid-back alt-pop affair, ruminating on the pesky issue of dealing with the consequences of one's own actions. As vocalist Morris Brandt explains: “The chorus was inspired by stumbling across the word 'Dogbreath' in the notes app on my phone (I think my girlfriend put it there??). I recorded the hook with this word in mind, and the rest of the lyrics just fell out. I wanted to encapsulate a type of regret. One that is not rooted in truth, but in appearing truthful. Feeling guilt-ridden about your actions, and wishing it would have gone another way, but failing to accept true consequence. Coming up with excuses instead of dealing with it. Like you can't just fix you breath with a piece of gum, you can't change the situation you put yourself in that easily.”


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