City: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Styles: Drill, Afro-Rap
on since November 13, 2020


psiv (PS4) is a never before seen, nuanced Nigerian artist. Much like himself, his music is multifaceted, cutting right across afro-swing, drill, afrobeats and dancehall to create some really dynamic fusions of art. Taking much inspiration from the world around him, PSIV carefully curates sounds that expose the different layers that exist within him. He’s all about putting clear messages out there and sees himself and his art as a vehicle for expression of his inner reality; both through the music and his wider brand as a whole. PSIV envisions a world where people are allowed to be who they are unapologetically, without holding back, and so his authenticity is not only evident but remains at the very core of his music. It is predicted that PSIV will become an undeniable force to be reckoned with in the industry as he remains committed to making music that grips the mind and translates the body.