Tm & Remy

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Styles: Drill, Grime, Alternative Rap
on since May 04, 2021


What’s up? As you can see we’re a teenage duo coming up from North London that makes alternative rap music. We started this back in 2018, just 2 kids wanting to try something different compared to what everyone else was doing during that time. At first it was an escape from reality, both Tm and Remy going through their own struggles where we portrayed that into music, we started off with an iPhone 5 and Audacity, releasing what we made on Soundcloud.

Since then we’ve come to release official music on DSP’s and have even performed at music venues such as Colours Hoxton and Camden Assembly. Back then it was a hobby now it’s real. We make music to inspire others to be themselves, to be different, to not be afraid to venture out and to explore new sounds.

Our music will always be about that and much more. We hope people really listen and see what we’re about because all it takes is inspiration from another person to follow your dreams and that’s the effect we want to see from the people that listen to our music. We love our people, this is our world, take a listen. 

Source [Spotify]