la loye

City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Styles: Indie Folk, Lofi, Alternative Folk, Acoustic
on since February 04, 2021


la loye is an indie folk project based around the songwriting of twenty-four year old Lieke Heusinkveld. Distinguished by subtle, layered vocals and intricate, drone-like guitars, the intimate ambiance created by the music aids in drawing attention to the poetic lyrics.   

The gray layered alt-folk by la loye is often described as lo-fi or unpolished, but secretly the project around songwriter Lieke Heusinkveld is layered with beautiful details in both sound and word. la loye does not explore the beaten track of human consciousness, but wanders along the exciting elephant paths, dark sprawl and beautiful open plains. Just like Elliott Smith, Mount Eerie, Radiohead and Big Thief, Heusinkveld digs deep in her reserves to give shape to raw emotion with fresh, sometimes very playful angles. At times oppressive music, but above all beautiful.