City: Los Angeles
Country: California, USA
Genre: Indie
Styles: Shoegaze, Indie Pop, Jangle Pop
on since January 15, 2022

Vases is the moniker of Los Angeles based musician, Ty Baron. His shoegaze and post-punk driven music merges opposing forces mixing provocative political critique with earnest introspection.

Baron moved from Denver to LA in January 2017. Upon arrival, a chance encounter set him up with a job assisting for a major movie producer. As the relationship between employer and employee turned from exciting to abusive, he began escaping by writing songs for an album he hoped to eventually record. Living in Highland Park, Baron began demoing his vision in his small, wood-paneled bedroom away from his five other roommates amidst bouts of isolation.

Baron met Omar Yakar (War on Drugs, Perfume Genius) at a bar in Hollywood and they immediately bonded over a mutual affinity for driving, post-punk guitars. Shortly after meeting, the two began recording Vases’ debut album at Boulevard Recording in Hollywood. After countless hours of late-night perfectionism, the album was finished. Titled Pure Plastic Art, Vases’ forthcoming album dramatically blends the overtly political with the intensely personal to create a unique sonic fluidity that transcends any finite post-punk sub genre.

Source [Spotify]