Uncle Quentin

City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Techno


Wearing a home-made balaclava, Uncle Quentin fixes the camera at his eyeholes in a well-lit kitchen. A handmade Schapelle Corby clock hangs on the wall behind the masked figure. A wordart profanity flashes on screen in tropical colours. "What the hell are you doing?" "Getting fucked up... getting fucked up... maybe getting... fucked". The lighting fades, replaced by laser projections flashing through smoke machine fog and the depraved face of Uncle Quentin is revealed, sans balaclava. "Bend me over", he impolores. "'Split me open". "It's fucking disgusting, the way that I need you to touch me".

Flirting with taboo, this is the least wholesome mixtape you will come across in 2021. It's also completely banging. Uncle Quentin has an ear for unfortunate vocal samples, and a knack for dense mashups composed of stolen funk basslines, record crackles, drum machines, glitching hihats, and big organs.

BIG D NRG starts with a bassline like a 90's cartoon theme song, climaxes with a terrifying effeminate drag vocal and ends with the line "I'm a fucking disgrace, come climb on my face". This music should offend you if you are a square, a homophobe, or have good taste.

The centrepiece of the mixtape, 'Split Me Open' is a superficially crass song, but completely relatable for anyone who has spent time on Grindr. Underpinned by feelings of loneliness, longing for connection, and sexual frustration, it crescendos with an otherworldly organ solo and leaves you in a complete mess.

Source [Spotify]
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