City: Provo
Country: Utah, USA
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Rock, Jangle Pop
on since November 19, 2021


Formed in Oct. 2019 as a duo, brothers Cade and Rhett Murdock created Toothpicks (Cade on Guitar and Vocals and Rhett on Drums/Percussion). Recorded their first two albums as the duo and on their own, How Mammals Eat and Superb Ate came out in 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic. then in late 2020 they were signed to a local Utah record label named UPHERE! Records. Adding members Brady Flores on Bass and Truman Magleby on Keys. 
 Toothpicks sound is a hybrid of the sounds of New Yorks past (Velvet Underground, Television, the Strokes) and todays sounds of the California surf scene (the Growlers, Allah Las, Tomorrows Tulips) 
 Toothpicks third album titled “Gonzo Journalists Are Pretty” will be released on November 19th 2021, via UPHERE! Records

Source [Spotify]