The Lounge Society

Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Alternative


The Lounge Society hail from the Pennine towns of Hebden Bridge and Todmorden in the Calder Valley of West Yorkshire. There the rain falls two hundred days a year upon the moss-draped, post-industrial ruins, the clouds scud overhead at speed and up on the heathered moor-tops carrion crows hungrily peck at the skulls of dead sheep.

“Our lyrics are a call-to-arms for people who share our dismay at the dismal future being carved out for people like us. We want each line to be a brick through the window of just the right people. There is an anger in the lyrics because we are angry, but we are angry at how fucked the world has become. Our anger is not just speculative. We want to do our part in setting things right, little by little, and music is a tried and tested means of doing that.” If this is the case then The Lounge Society are going down swinging with a glorious soundtrack that could only be made in the here and the now.

Make no mistake, this is the sound of young England: articulate, enraged and energised. And – perhaps crucially - highly danceable too. It should give hope to anyone who has lost faith in the future, because here the future is in safe hands.

on HBN since November 23, 2020
Silk For The Starving


1. Burn The Heather
2. Television
3. Cain's Heresy
4. Valley Bottom Fever

Silk For The Starving EP

Label: Speedy Wunderground / [PIAS]
Release Date: June 18, 2021

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