The Faux Paws

Country: USA
Genre: Folk/Country
Styles: Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Folk
on since August 27, 2021

From raging fiddle tunes, to saxophone solos and unrequited love songs, The Faux Paws' music isn’t easy to pigeonhole. Over nearly ten years of playing together, the trio has honed their contagious groove and feel-good melting pot folk music—the sound of three close friends with a musical kinship that transcends stylistic limitations. Featuring brothers Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand (stalwarts of the contra dance circuit) and Chris Miller (a member of Grammy-nominated Cajun-country group The Revelers), the bi-coastal group are finally releasing their self-titled debut album. Across eleven tracks, the threesome tackles topics of connection and disconnect (“Child of the Great Lakes”), place (“Montauk”), and romantic expectation (“She’s Not Looking for You”). Of course the album also features a number of instrumental barnburners, like “Guacmaster,” which are staples of the band’s legendary high energy live show. With an experimental but cohesive vision, The Faux Paws bring together diverse musical elements into one joyful and distinctive collection, deeply rooted in the raw humanity of folk dance and music traditions.


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