City: Cincinnati
Country: Ohio, USA
Genre: Indie
Styles: Dream Pop, Dreamgaze, Indie Rock, Psych-Rock, Alternative


Sungaze is an American Dreamgaze band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their signature sound lends itself quite equally to the realms of Shoegaze, Psych Rock and Dream Pop, with an unmistakable western flair reminiscent of some of the popular singer-songwriters of the 60’s. The band centers around the dynamic and relationship between its primary songwriters, the husband/wife duo Ian Hilvert and Ivory Snow. 
 Their debut album, Light in All of It, was independently released on July 19, 2019, and later debuted at No. 91 on the NACC Top 200, where it remained in the charts for more than six consecutive weeks.

Their highly anticipated second album, This Dream, is due to be released 08.13.21

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