Sister Wanzala

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Indie
Styles: Soft Rock, Alternative, Dream Pop
on since July 18, 2022

Sister Wanzala are brothers, and ever since watching a Pink Floyd concert film at the age of 5, they have dreamed of being shy, retiring but ultimately extremely rich and famous rock stars. However, with each passing release that dream fades. A series of aimless releases follow in their wake, with some so poor the band removed them from the internet. They’re no longer young, they were never handsome and don’t understand The Tick Tock. Signs don’t look good for their new single - Perfume (releases 20 May 2022). Perfume’s genesis came from a dark place – the band’s last public performance in August 2019. They had just finished a featherweight new song and Patrick looked across the audience of disinterested friends and thought “something is not quite right here”.

He decided - there and then - to take some time to actually learn how to play the guitar and write songs properly.

The band intend to drip feed singles to their ‘fans’ before calling it quits and taking up golf like all their friends.

Source [Spotify]


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