Sarah Neufeld

City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Indie Pop, Instrumental, Violin, Contemporary, Minimalism
on since May 13, 2021

Canadian violinist and composer Sarah Neufeld is best known as a member of Arcade Fire and co-founder of the post-rock band Bell Orchestre. Her first solo album, ‘Hero Brother’, was recorded in Berlin by engineer and co-producer Nils Frahm. In 2015 Neufeld released the Juno award winning ‘Never Were The Way She Was’ with celebrated saxophonist and collaborator Colin Stetson, and in 2016 Neufeld released her acclaimed second solo album, ‘The Ridge’. New LP ‘Detritus’ was inspired by a collaboration with legendary dancer/choreographer Peggy Baker and features the work of Arcade Fire bandmate Jeremy Gara, Bell Orchestre bandmate Pietro Amato, and long-time collaborator Stuart Bogie.


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