Red Eye Pariah

City: Belfast
Country: Northern Ireland, UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Alt-Rock
on since October 25, 2021


Four piece alt indie rock band with a rap twist, Red Eye Pariah look to raise the bar with a brand new sound in the Northern Irish music scene. Formed during a pandemic lockdown in April 2020, members Joe, Deano & Sammy decided to create a new project that would stand out from the norm. After a year of setting the foundations, the band felt as though they were missing that final piece of the puzzle; which they eventually found in their fourth and final member Alex. All four members of Red Eye Pariah currently reside in the Belfast/Antrim area in Northern Ireland and have all previously been part of well respected bands within the Northern Irish community. With a strong following developing in the Antrim/Belfast area, Red Eye Pariah hope to gain more momentum coming into 2021 with the release of their first collection of brand new singles.

Source [Spotify]