Hana Vu

City: Los Angeles
Country: California, USA
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Bedroom Pop, Indie Rock, Singer-Songwriter
on hashbrandnew.com since October 12, 2021


Combining dreamy haze, soul, and jangle, Hana Vu is an indie rock artist from Los Angeles. Emerging on music-sharing sites in 2014, she released a series of increasingly more fully arranged collections leading up to her label debut, the EP How Many Times Have You Driven By, in 2018.
Based in Los Angeles, Vu started writing songs as a preteen and began uploading home recordings to music-sharing sites in her early teens. Her first collection, Got Got Demos, appeared in 2014. The following year's Outtakes featured hazy, moody arrangements of various combinations of guitar, keyboards, drum machine, and multi-tracked vocals, though by August 2015's Nightlife she was recording full-band arrangements with live drums. Her 2016 album, Sensitive, included the song "Queen of High School," a collaboration with Willow Smith.

However, it was her video for later track "Crying on the Subway" that caught the attention of Fat Possum imprint Luminelle Recordings co-founder Chris Cantalini in early 2018. Vu opened a show in L.A. at the invitation of headliner Soccer Mommy that April, and made her label debut in June 2018 with the EP How Many Times Have You Driven By. She followed it with a U.S. tour in support of indie pop duo Sales.