City: Munich
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Styles: Experimental, Techno, Deep Techno
on hashbrandnew.com since October 29, 2022

Lindsey Wang, the mind behind Polygonia, is a versatile musician and artist based in Munich, Germany. A long time before her electronic music journey began, she explored the realms of several acoustic instruments intensively. This skill combined with studies of various other art forms, inspired the artist to translate her understanding of rhythm, composition and experimentalism into the digital music language. Her sound identity is driven by a mystic, deep and organic character which is enriched with acoustic elements built into the genres of deep techno, downtempo and ambient. Polygonia already released her music on serveral labels like Lowless, Jazz-o-Tech, On Board_Music, Lett Records, Alexandar and more. She expresses herself in various ways through Live- and DJ-Sets. Her audio color palette covers a huge spectrum from calm and harmonic sounds to polyrhythmic dark grooves. Together with Dycide and MTRL she founded the ambient and deep techno label IO.

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