City: Barcelona
Country: Spain, Argentina
Genre: Dance
Styles: Minimal Dub, Raw Techno, Techno, Techno Argentina
on since July 01, 2022

For the past fifteen years Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based producer Pfirter has been pushing a sound by turns steely, dark and uplifting, true to the founding principles of the techno's tetramorph but eager to throw his own vanguard, personal touch into the mix. Fully geared to withstand the test of time, his sound crucially combines the heavy thump of stadium-sized kicks with the kind of textured organic reliefs and hypnotic sub-bass motifs that a thousand listens couldn't make any less penetrating. 2006 saw the birth of his own imprint, MindTrip (whose name says it all), and that's become one of the brightest beacons in the ever-changing landscape of techno music. After releasing over fifty club-formatted records, time had come for Pfirter to take the leap with his debut full-length, 'The Empty Space', which provides a widescreen, panoramic view into the subtle intricacies and multi-level wealth of details of his craft, as well as the large spectrum of emotions his music merges and blends so organically. Deftly bridging the gap between the inner and the outer, the fierce and the collected, Pfirter's been collating pieces of work that may seem just as eloquent when taken aside, but whose impact reveals incredibly higher when taken as a whole. Darkness has rarely been so cozy.

Source [Spotify]


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