Pine Barons

City: Philadelphia
Country: Pennsylvania, USA
Genre: Alternative, Indie
Styles: Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Alternative, Indie
on since July 08, 2022

Born among the pitch pines of southern NJ, Pine Barons is a project that came to fruition as friends gathered around campfires in the nature-rich environments of their hometowns, exploring an eclectic and intimate palette of punk, jazz and experimental rock.

The band’s debut LP, 2017's The Acchin Book, possessed a unique quality from auxiliary instruments and recording techniques, feathered paper dragged across paintings, field recordings in the woods at night, accordion, string arrangements and bowed guitars all contributing to the various moods and textures of the record.

Pine Barons’ follow up, 2020’s Mirage on the Meadow, released during the throes of the pandemic, was a more insular effort, as all songs were written and produced by frontman & multi-instrumentalist, Keith Abrams. The LP has been described as a "psychedelic amalgamation of graveyard shifting indie rock – full of the dread we all experience while retaining a cautious optimism that propels its rich, colorful sound towards a brighter future."

After stumbling upon the music of cult favorite Japanese band, Fishmans and falling in love with their peerless sound, the tribute album, I LOVE FISH, was officially born. Abrams recalls hearing Sato’s voice for the first time, noticing that “without even knowing what the lyrics were, I felt such a strong connection to the voice that sang them. It confirms to me the genuine beauty of that voice and how universal music truly is."


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