Dust Star

City: Philadelphia
Country: Pennsylvania, USA
Genre: Indie, Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Punk, Rock, Indie
on hashbrandnew.com since August 05, 2022

Dust Star was born in the dead of night on Halloween, under the influence of a twinkling desert sky and two tabs of LSD. Justin Jurgens (Sirs) and Cameron Wisch (Cende, Porches) sat with guitars on the floor of the Caboose, a shipping-container-turned-bedroom, sharing songs they had written over the last few years. They played and played until their fingers melted, all-the-while seeing the potential of a powerful musical collaboration. They decided to join forces, and the “roll-your-windows-down power-pop” outfit Dust Star was formed.

Wisch’s pummeling drums explode out of the gate in the opening track “Nothing In My Head”. The unrelenting groove intertwines with Jurgens’ passionate vocal performance and raw punk guitars with a 60’s sparkle. The songs that follow resemble everything from a bootlegged copy of Neil Young’s Live Rust to a glowing Brian Wilson B-Side. Open Up That Heart takes a stab at finding hope and love in the face of recent heartbreak, outdated familial expectations, depression, and a world in turmoil.

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