City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Experimental, Alternative, Indietronica
on hashbrandnew.com since September 29, 2020

Otzeki are Mark Sharp and Joel Roberts, a pair of cousins joining the dots between post-rock and brooding electronics.

Pro-love, electronic/punk provocateurs Otzeki is a project built around balance and duality. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the yin and yang of its members, cousins Mike Sharp (vocal, guitar) and Joel Roberts (keys, Ableton). Although the name might be just a combination of letters that didn’t exist on Google until they came up with it, Otzeki is the intersection where Mike and Joel’s interests meet in their mutual fascination for the potential of electronic music. “Working with @Beni Giles as producer, we were interested in a clash of genres, sitting in the flux where techno meets hip hop and indie rock meets classical music but the process of fusing these identities with songwriting, without it sounding like musical porridge; takes some serious trial and error.”


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