City: Paris
Country: France
Genre: Pop
Styles: Art Pop, Deconstructed Club, Escape Room, Hyperpop, Indie R&B
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on hashbrandnew.com since September 25, 2020

Marylou Mayniel, better known as Oklou, is a French musician and producer.

Her EP The Rite of May was released in March 2018 on London label NUXXE. A subsequent single Forever was released in October 2019, and was followed by the standalone singles SGSYToyota featuring Flavien Berger and enterntnmnt produced with Mura Masa.

In July 2020 she announced her debut mixtape album Galore, due to be released in September 2020. A video for the lead single, unearth me, directed by Parisian Kevin Elamrani Lince was shared upon announcement and was followed by a video by the same director for the god's chariots track.

Working with computers, drum machines, synthesizers and found sounds, she makes music that has been described as "hazy R&B" by Pitchfork. She has previously released some of her self-released work on home-dubbed cassette tapes.

Mayniel grew up in the French countryside, then relocated to Paris and eventually moved to London, where she currently resides. In her Q&A with Dazed, she revealed that her biggest vocal inspirations are Frank Ocean, James Blake, Justin Bieber, SZA, the singer of Wu Lyf, Jhené Aiko, Drake and Palmistry.

She composed an original soundtrack for a computer game called Zone W/O People, created with Parisian artist Krampf, and performed it live with styling by Prada. She has performed as a DJ as part of the parisian all female collective Gtivals including Cannes International Critics Week, Kurzfilm Hamburg, and IndieLisboa. (wikipedia)


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