Muck Spreader

Muck Spreader

Country: GB
Genre: Experimental



Muck Spreader feel like the kind of band you really need to see live. One for when you've well and truly reached your beer capacity in a dark South London venue with sticky floors and all your mates. Putting inventiveness and spontaneity at the forefront of everything they do, frontman Luke Brennan and co. are currently celebrating the release of debut EP 'Rodeo Mistakes' with a surreal, metaphor-packed visual accompaniment that does a pretty bang-on job of summing up 'the vibe'. The band explain: "Its disorientation is intentional to give the viewer an unsettling sense of motion like a plummeting cruise liner in the arctic or perhaps Noah’s desperation on the ark. Buckle in and firmly grasp your sick bag whitening your knuckles tightening your throat. Welcome to the nauseous world of Muck Spreader." Give it a watch below, and find out more about the band, too. (

Rodeo Mistakes EP Single

Label: Brace Yourself Records
Release Date: September 04, 2020