Miss Grit

City: New York
Country: United States
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Indie Rock, Indie Pop


Miss Grit, aka the Korean-American musician Margaret Sohn, makes relatable songs that masterfully dissect the feeling of self-doubt with scalpel-like precision. Her forthcoming Impostor EP is an astounding collection of her technical prowess as a guitarist, her gifted ear for melodies with staying power, and her immensely evocative lyricism. Throughout, she deftly traverses between genres, moods, and experiments.

As a kid growing up in the Michigan suburbs, Margaret Sohn dreamed of being a guitarist in a band, playing music that someone else wrote. As she studied music technology at New York University, she began to dream of creating effects pedals for a living. Her realization that she could manipulate music led to her simultaneous first attempts at songwriting and producing.

on HBN since December 03, 2020