Love Is A Ghost

City: London
Country: UK
Genre: Alternative, Experimental
Styles: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Experimental, Folk
on since March 10, 2022


Born from Tim Newman’s desire to create musical collages and soundscapes, fusing the vocals of lyricist and singer Char Elizabeth and adding a third element in Craig Tattersall (Hood) whose skill in tape manipulation and textures proved to be the missing link. Whilst Craig would be fully absorbed in the arts, Tim cites the early 4AD catalogue as a primary inspiration whilst Char’s lyrics come from somewhere inside the darker regions of her psyche, together they have created an incredible series of atmospheric, ethereal and haunting pieces.

The concept behind Love is a Ghost is to create the palette then deconstruct it, somewhat akin to a cubist painting where each angle would offer an alternative to the main theme. Tim and Char were brought together initially having both worked previously on material with Bauhaus’ David J.