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Krooked Tongue

City: Bristol
Country: UK
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Indie Rock


Krooked Tongue return with new single 'Different Breed'! After the success of their debut single 'I Wanna Steal Your Car' and sophomore single 'Girls with Knives' which saw the band explode onto the playlist of every rock fanatic out there, Krooked Tongue return, keen to continue what they’ve started. “Dance like the Bull is the 3rd single from underground rock trio Krooked Tongue. An earth shattering, poetry filled backlash against the confines of the mind. It contemplates self doubt and reassures self worth, with a message to reinforce the idea that we are good enough. With this, it punches a moon sized hole in the wall of expectations, and marches together with the confidence of human identity, and the notion that we are all worth something. With gut busting drum fills, searing guitar lines, savage bass tones and angsty vocals, this wall of sound will have you ready to tear down reality and immerse yourself in a whirlpool of chaotic beauty" 2019 saw Krooked Tongue embark on their first UK headline tour. The Bristol based trio, known for their fierce energy live, incorporating trademark riffs & melodic hooks, have begun to give the underground rock scene a run for its money.

on HBN since September 24, 2021