Knomad Spock

City: Cardiff
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative
Styles: Rap, Hip Hop, Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Spoken Word, World Music, Avant Garde






Knomad Spock


Knomad Spock is an enigmatic mixed-race British-Somali poet, rapper and new folk singer-songwriter, who explores musical genres as extended analogies for his own multiethnic heritage. He is rooted as much in the northern working class that raised him, as in the Somali nomadic traditions of his inheritance. 

Knomad Spock is a poet, rapper and indie folk artist. As a songwriter he blurs the borders between punk, rap, folk, jazz and the avant garde. Knomad Spock wrote the spine of the album over a period of ten years while travelling and working around the world. By his good fortune, he booked an acoustic recording session with Jamie Smith who ended up co-writing and producing 'Winter of Discontent' (forthcoming April 2021 via Hinterland Creative), from St. Mary's Space despite the pair having never met before. They struck an immediate creative partnership that resulted in the album being recorded and mixed within a fortnight.

'Winter of Discontent' has been favourably compared to Grizzly Bear's 'Yellow House', with something to recall the emotion and energy of Bon Iver's seminal 'For Emma Forever'. With moments of free jazz, avant garde ideas permeate throughout an otherwise indie folk album. The final track 'Maps' ventures into a dramatic and visceral spoken word piece accompanied by piano and found sounds.

Egypt Single

Label: Hinterland Creative
Release Date: January 13, 2021