City: Chicago
Country: Illinois, USA
Genre: Indie, Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Indie
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Jungheim is the musical outlet of Chicagoland singer-songwriter Nayla Maya Jungheim. Nayla began learning guitar and writing songs in 2014 as a way to process the intense period in her life that she was going through. Through music, she discovered how to express her feelings regarding gender and mental health while creating energetic and genre-defiant songs. The following years would see her building up her craft and gathering her influences, from The Smashing Pumpkins to Alex G, while honing in on her personal lyricism. 2020 saw the release of her debut album, This Might Be Healing, demonstrating both her musicianship and her production craft by fusing acoustic guitars with saturated synths and cajon. 2021's Songs That Piss Men Off only further cemented her musical capabilities by showcasing her thematic flair. Yonic Sooth, her sophomore album, leans hard into thematic intent, exploring her journey through gender and family conflict throughout nearly a decade of her life - it is set to release August 5. (Photos by Lena Jackson)

Source [Spotify]