City: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
Genre: Rock
Styles: New Wave, Synthpop, Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Rock, Shoegaze, Grunge, Synthwave
on since February 18, 2022

This first submission from Howless comes around the idea of a constant discovery of reality. A perspective, where levels of consciousness are understood by knowledge acquired from one or more lifetimes. The rise of consciousness that goes beyond ego, the physical realm, and those ephemeral moments experienced by us all, aim to the final level; to detach, to let oneself go without any remorse from all lifetimes.

Timeless passages built in every melody, a strident rhythm in its own way and vitalist in its own intention. Just like the introspective/melancholic verses hosted in “Levels” that contain all the necessary reflections to ask ourselves, what do we actually perceive? Where are we?

Howless is now part of the record label Static Blooms Records.

("Levels" was recorded in "Madre de Dios Estudio", Mexico City. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Rodrigo Esquivel Garcia)

Source [Spotify]


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