City: Liverpool
Country: UK
Genre: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Punk Rock


STONE are Fin Power (vocals/guitar), Sarah Surrage (bass), Elliot Gill (lead guitar) and Alex Smith (drums). In true Gen Z fashion, STONE are a diffusion of the limitless cultures and subcultures they’ve had access to growing up in the digital age. In keeping with the idea of ‘punk’ being more an ethos than any one genre or scene - the band cite inspiration everywhere from IDLES and Sonic Youth to The Streets and AJ Tracey, with Mike Skinner’s spoken-word style being Fin’s primary lyrical inspiration.Through their music, the band hope to capture the dizzying experience of youth culture in Liverpool and the paradox of their own young adulthood as they navigate the limbo between youth and maturity. “The common similarities in the songs we are putting out are all capturing a time in our lives of being 20-somethings working shit out - the purgatory of too old to be a kid but too young to be a proper functioning adult. We’re also speaking to the strange, sensational and relentlessly documented time we live in and the generational anxiety we all feel from the uncertainty of the world we’re growing into.”

on HBN since April 08, 2021